Baron Group LLC

Building Partnerships through Consignment

At Baron Group we welcome consignments and value the "partnership" we undertake with our consignments. This provides the owner with a simple marketing and resale opportunity by using Baron’s facility, experience and personnel to successfully sell your material.

Your assets are treated as our own, protected in a secure high level 24 hour security operated facility. Your spares are audited upon receipt for accurate database recording for marketing and resale to the world. We report all sales promptly and offer the extra benefit of absorbing all credit risks ourselves when selling our consignors assets. Funds may be transferred monthly or quarterly or accounts contracts with other businesses we undertake with our consignors.

At Baron Group, we are small enough to value each relationship and large enough to provide a quarter century of marketing and selling experience, that benefits our consignors. Make Baron Group your first choice to entrust your excess or surplus spares to be sold professionally, speedily and at the best market price, giving the value added return you deserve. Through this option, customers can expect to get the highest return, at the lowest risk, all while turning their excess into cash.

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