Baron Group LLC


Q: What does Baron do?

A: We supply aircraft parts to airlines, repair stations, and other suppliers throughout the world. We also have a number of other services such as consignments, asset management, exchange, purchasing/sourcing support, repair coordination, distributorships, and forward planning/material management.

Q: Does Baron deal with military aircraft?

A: Although there may be some crossover with some aircraft, our specialist areas are commercial and regional aircraft. Visit our PRODUCTS Page for a listing of the aircraft types we specialize in.

Q: Does Baron manufacture parts?

A: No, we supply parts through assets managed or acquired. We do not physically modify the parts.

Q: Does Baron have a presence at trade shows?

A: Yes. Baron has attended several industry shows: ACPC, Aeroxchange, Paris Air Show, Asian Aerospace, ASA, and the RAA to name a few.